Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Second Day (25 May, Wednesday)

What did you do today?
  • Briefly describe your day’s activities.
    • Today, we had a briefing on our projects for the first half of the day and the rest of the day was spent doing the practical assignments given by the instructors.
    • We did the experimentation of the mechanisms and creation of the Putt-putt boat and Automated Waste Sorting machine (AWS)
  • Include at least one photograph from today

What did you learn today?
  • Discuss any learning points from today’s activities
    • I learnt to cooperate better with people who I have just met as well as to be more wary when using dangerous tools.
  • How do you feel about today’s activities?
    • Describe how the project has affected your understanding of the discipline and how it may be applied elsewhere
      • I can communicate with people more easily and effectively while making friends on the way.
      • I have also learnt that taking responsibily of my own self affects others positively.
    • Share your insights for the day
      • I have learnt how to use steam to power a boat more effectively and cheaper compared to most other methods.
      • I have also learnt how different properties of materials (e.g. density, magnetism, etc.) can be used to separate them apart.
  • What new questions do you have regarding the discipline?
    • -NA-

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Pre-camp (23 May, Monday)

What sounds interesting about this project?

  • This project involves the use of boats that can move with steam engines and involve complicated mechanics which i wish to learn about. 


What do you think you can learn from this project?

  • I think I can learn beyond the basics engineering and theories of how machines operate. This would allow me to also become more interested in engineering and this information can also help me in my future studies.


Any immediate questions regarding the project?

  • Why is it such that most of the putt-putt boat only operates by heat?
    Is it possible to make the putt-putt boat move without using heat?
  • Can we use other designs or change several mechanics in the engines to make it work better and/or be less complicated?
  • Is it possible that our group can make an impact on society if we discover easier solutions to creating a steam engine putt-putt boat?